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Welcome to the website for Cub Scout Pack 127 of Gambrills, Maryland.  

Pack 127 is an active group of boys and parents with a quality year round program.  The Pack recruits scouts from the area served by St. Joseph Catholic Church-Odenton, our Charter Organization.  This includes boys from the School of the Incarnation, Four Seasons, Piney Orchard, and Waugh Chapel elementary schools. With over 75 active boys and parent support we have great fun in activities ranging from;
  • Den Activities:   arts & crafts,   games,    hikes,    outings,     rockets,    rock climbing,    ecology,    knots,    whittling,     & more ....
  • Pack Activities:   Pine Wood Derby,   Hay Rides,    Spring & Fall Camping,   Service Projects,    Camp Fires, Raingutter Regatta,   & more ...
  • District ActivitiesSummer Day Camp (BBs, archery, fishing, crafts, games, etc.),  Scouting Olympics,  Highland Games, Discounts, & more ...
  • Council Activities: Summer Resident Camp at Broadcreek Memorial Scout Reservation

Pack 127 meets most Tuesdays at 7:00 pm at the School of the Incarnation, 2601 Symphony Lane, Gambrills, Maryland.  Our meetings usually run one hour.    The pack is in the Four Rivers District of the Baltimore Area Council..

1) We are about creating fun for the boys that builds character, develops camaraderie, expands their horizons, and fosters achievement!

2) We are an all volunteer organization dependent upon your parental participation and willingness to give a little of your time.

3) Healthy Packs grow and we are always recruiting for new Scouts.  Please refer interested boys/parents to us for information.

Yours in Scouting,

Andy Moyer, Cub Master Pack 127


New Scouts - Interested Boys & Parents


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CAP comments for Cub Scout Pack 127 Scouting For Food 2016 efforts...

Posted on Apr 16 2016 - 3:17pm

The Christian Assistance Program (CAP) reported this week because of your efforts their pantries remain stocked!  The CAP just sent us this message… Thanks so much for all that your Cub Scout Pack does for the CAP Food Pantry.  It makes such an incredible difference for literally hundreds of individuals.  Thanks for your outstanding efforts this year with Pack 127 Scouting For Food 2016!

Camp Oest Information

Posted on Mar 13 2016 - 9:47pm
Subject: Camp Oest Info
Thanks having a presentation at your Pack about Camp Oest! I hope to see lots of your scouts join us this summer. I have attached two e-flyers that you can send to your pack for more info, depending on which one you think is better tailored to your pack. They both direct them to our website, which is where most of the information is.
Here are the answers to some common questions that we hear a lot and that you might get from your families (and some stuff you might want to share with them regardless):
  • Is there an early bird deadline?
    • Yes, April 15 is the last day you can register to get $25 off the price
  • Can Webelos go to regular sessions
    • Yes, while only Webelos and parents are allowed at Webelos Week, many Webelos choose to go to standard sessions and 2-day sessions as well.
  • Can siblings come?
    • Yes Camp Oest is for the whole family!
  • I can’t attend when my pack is going, can we go by ourselves?
    • Yes, a parent and son duo can attend by themselves and this is fairly common. The best way to encourage high turnout from your unit is to choose a pack session and encourage people to sign up for it (or two pack sessions, so they have a choice), but anyone will still have just as much fun and make lots of new friends if they go on their own.
  • What if I can’t get off work but my son wants to go?
    • That’s okay. He can attend with a friend and his parents. There must be an adult with him that is responsible for him, but it doesn’t have to be a parent. 
  • Our Webelos want to go to Webelos Week but none of the parents can get off for a whole week?
    • Webelos Week only requires a 1:5 ratio of adults to youth, so only one leader is needed for every 5 kids (if you only have 5 kids you will be in a Provisional Pack with others so 2 deep leadership will be met). One adult registration can be split so people can trade off and only take a day or two off work if needed.
  • Are there any discounts?
    • Aside from the early bird, no, but we can work with people and units on a case-by-case basis. We are happy to provide incentives and discounts for increasing attendance, but since this varies so much from pack to pack, anyone interested should contact me.
  • Any other ways to help pay for camp?
    • Yes! Check out our camperships on www.braodcreekbsa.org. We already have programs to help low-income scouts (contact me directly if this applies to anyone in your pack, or have them do so), so camperships are intended for the family that can afford scouting generally but might need some help with the bigger expenses like camp. This can be for any number of reasons, and no one should assume they wouldn’t qualify if they feel money is tight and they don’t want their son to miss out on camp. We had so few applicants last year, we had $3000 left in the campership budget. This year we even increased the budget an additional $2000, so let’s make sure we use it!
  • Anything else?
    • If your pack is participating in the camp card sale, you only need to sell 100 cards to pay for Camp Oest for one scout and one parent for a 4-day session. Not bad! If your pack’s not participating, you are still able to, just send me an email if you’re interested.
A lot of questions are about logistics and payment. I focus on that because no one who wants to go to Oest should choose not to because of money. If there are any other questions, please visit our website – www.broadcreekbsa.org/oest

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